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Are you tired going to a loading station or tired spending out your money just to load-up your phone and used only some of your load and might only expired on the other day around? It's time to wake up and decide wisely!Send unlimited SMS diectly from your facebook account/from official website.No registration, No confirmation, just Free SMS! is the best way to send free SMS to mobile phones from your computer. Just input the recipient's mobile phone number, type the message and click send!

You can try our FACEBOOK VERSION of our FREE TEXT MESSENGER!What are you waiting for? magTXT ka na!go to >>>

for the unlimited International and Local txt the server is under maintenance.So, I will post the Link sooner or later if it is already fully operated. Just always check this site regularly for regular updates! Thanks guys hope you like the link!

If you find this article useful please like us on facebook and leave a comment here for any suggestions!anu pa hinihintay mo?magtxt na!

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I live in london but most of my relatives lives in India so i am looking for that calling cards which would be beneficial to make cheap Unlimited Call to India

Anyway are you talking about free call?well, i dont think there is another one for that choice. but if you want to try International text i would suggest this one you can enjoy 100 free International text. Good Luck and enjoy reading! :D

I want to know how to make cheap Unlimited Call to India please suggest me something.

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